Fly fishing can become an addiction..........
Once the Fish bites, it’s not the fish that gets hooked - it’s you!

50 some years of fresh water fishing experience but do prefer Fly Fishing over spin casting.  It is a personal thrill for me to  introduce / show kids, ladies and even grown men a new way to catch fish if they have never used a fly rod.

Every Guide and/or fisherman has his/her own opinion on where the fish are - I don’t have an opinion - I’ll just flat-dab show you where they are  -   and that’s where you take over!!!     

My opinion based on somewhere around 1000 (give or take) trips to the Beaver Tailwater with a fishing rod in my hand - Mid-day fishing is best providing conditions allow.  We can take off at 7:00 a.m. or noon or for that matter whenever you choose.  The early bird isn’t always the one that gets the worm.

All trips are fully outfitted with waders, boots and fly rod with appropriate flys.  We can reach our destination on foot or via
kayaks which are available at no extra charge.  If you have your own equipment you are encouraged to bring it.  If you are a NEWBEE and don’t even know what you have - bring it anyway and I’ll explain what each item is and how it is used.
If you would like to bring a spinning rod - that’s O.K. too.

 I say it’s time to go catch some fish - how about it?

Call for availability and reasonable rates!
(443) 995-5700 


Map of the Beaver Tail waters

Beaver Dam is to the lower left

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The Beaver Tail Waters In Northwest Arkansas


Eureka Springs, Arkansas

​​​Fly fishing w/ Waders 
   Beginner or Experienced

      Same Rate / Kayak, Canoe, or on Foot