Meet Mike

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Hey there, thanks for clicking on “Meet Mike”.  First of all, I am 

affectionately known around these parts as either “Mikie” or “Mike the Fly Guy”.  I am a local fly fisherman, guide, outfitter and fly fishing instructor all wrapped up in one!! So when we get together you will quickly notice the love and passion I have for what I do(What a bargain).


Not sure whether you will call this our itinerary or a simple summary of what will be going on, but, either way, here goes.  I am a Beaver Tailwaters Fly Fishing Guide who guides for the passion of teaching others how to play this incredible sport.  I am retired, and I guide, not so much for the monetary aspect, but for the thrill it gives me to teach someone something new, critique them along the way and then watch them land a bunch of nice Rainbow Trout on a quality fly rod (All equipment is top-shelf, first class, top of the line stuff - no junk). When we go, regardless of whether it’s one person or two, I always take a minimum of three fly rods.  Back in the old days - after hitting their semi-comfort zone people used to ask, “Arn’t you going to fish with us? - you brought an extra rod”.  My answer was “NO” the extra rod is for in case you get yours so tangled up that the untanglin’ is a major project, I can get you back on the fish without delay!  Makes sense to me...............


I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to say and I mean like listen up with all three ears........... There is NO such thing as a “Dumb Question”, PERIOD.  Got that? No such thing.  I pretty much taught myself how to fly fish and a good part of the learning process was by asking, (Quote, unquote) - Dumb Questions.  When I got stumped I would simply approach a fellow fly fisherman and ask for advise and/or how to do something.  My theory is and always has been, who cares if the guy thinks I’m a complete dumb ass for asking such a stupid question - I just learned something that I didn’t know and I’ll probably never see the guy again anyway.  Soooo, if you want to know something (And you are forgiven you in advance) just ask that dumb question -  Nobody else will know and I ain’t tellin’.


If you’re a “Green Pea” (Synonymous with beginner) which most of my clients are, we will start the day with “The Parking Lot Tutorial”.  This will appear as the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen BUT there’s a method to the madness.  The exercise is designed (By me) to get your casting arm and your head on the same page without the intimidation of a limber nine foot fly rod with spider web on the end.  It only takes a few minutes so just go along with the program and you will see why later. 


When we get to the water I will spend time with each angler taking up where the parking lot ordeal left off - in other words having you cast a genuine nine foot fly rod in real time.  Trust me - it will all make sense by the end of the day.


Fact - everyone learns at a different pace, some fast, some slow.  If you read my “Customer Reviews”, you noticed one common thread about me in the reviews - Patience.  But think about it for a minute - how could I  be anything but patient?  The client is learning to do in one day what took me about two years - need I say more?  And as long as you keep trying to cast the line, set the hook and strip the fish in the proper way, I will Never loose my patience - guaranteed!!  One more thing about slow learners - I took Algebra I in the eighth grade and failed it, I took Algebra I in the ninth grade and got another F, I took Algebra I in the tenth grade and flunked it again but when I took Algebra I as a junior I got a “C”....... So persistence does pay off in the long run.  Just hang in there and you will do fine and I’ll be in your corner when you need me - just about every single person in my “Photo” gallery was a Green Pea when we left the parking lot.


We are going to have an absolute blast and my secondary goal is to make sure that you learn something new and have a fantastic time.  My primary (Real) goal though, is to have you still telling all your friends about your fly fishing adventure a year from now..........